Introduction to EnergyPlus Workshop Materials

Presentations and Exercises from 2-day “Introduction to EnergyPlus” workshop.

GARD Analytics, Inc.
Last updated November 2012, EnergyPlus v7.2

All materials copyright 2012 U.S. Department of Energy and GARD Analytics, Inc.
All rights reserved.


Presentation Slides
pdf file of presentation slides without narration, 13 sections, 477 pages

1 – EnergyPlus Overview
2 – Building Envelope and Internal Loads (OpenStudio)
3 – Input Structure, Global Inputs, Output and Auxiliary Tools
4 – Daylighting and Ground Heat Transfer
5 – HVAC Overview and HVAC Templates for Standard System Configurations
6 – HVAC Zone Equipment
7 – HVAC Air Loops and Water Loops
8 – HVAC Controls & Autosizing
8b – HVAC for  Light Commercial and Residential Applications
9 – HVAC VAV System Example with Hot Water Boiler and Water-Cooled Chiller
10 – Infiltration, Natural Ventilation, and Multizone Airflow
11 – Weather Converter, Miscellaneous Features, Testing & Support Resources
12 – Residential Application Highlights


Exercise Files
zip file with pdf files containing step-by-step instructions for each exercise, EnergyPlus input files (idf) to use as a starting points for most exercises, solution files to illustrate the completed exercises, and software requirements.

Exercise Basics 1
Create a Single Zone Building and Run EnergyPlus using Legacy OpenStudio Plugin

Exercise Basics 2
Running EnergyPlus with EP-Launch, Building Envelope, Internal Loads, Reports,  ResultsViewer

Exercise Daylighting 1
Using Daylighting Controls and Daylighting Illuminance Map

Exercise Ground Heat Transfer 1
Ground Heat Transfer using the Slab Preprocessor

Exercise HVAC 1
Unitary System and VAV using HVACTemplate Inputs

Exercise HVAC 2
HVAC System Controls and Plant Equipment Sequencing

Exercise HVAC 3
HVAC System Controls and Plant Equipment Sizing and Performance

Exercise Natural Ventilation 1
Natural Ventilation – Envelope Cracks and Openings, HVAC Controls

Exercise Legacy OpenStudio 1
Building Model in Legacy OpenStudio and HVAC Systems in IDF Editor