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EnergyPlus Support and Training

EnergyPlus is a whole building energy simulation program that engineers, architects, and researchers use to model energy and water use in buildings. Modeling the performance of a building with EnergyPlus enables building professionals to optimize the building design to use less energy and water. To learn more about EnergyPlus, visit energyplus.gov.

EnergyPlus Support

GARD offers priority technical support for EnergyPlus via e-mail and telephone.  For information and pricing, please contact mjwitte at gard.com.

EnergyPlus Training

GARD develops, organizes and presents EnergyPlus training in a variety of formats.  GARD also coordinates publication of EnergyPlus and related software training events and related online resources.

EnergyPlus Training Online Resources

Online videos, tutorials, and similar EnergyPlus resources.

Current Schedule of EnergyPlus Training Events

EnergyPlus Training Events Calendar

Receiving EnergyPlus Training Notifications

Updates to the EnergyPlus Training schedule and availability of new online content will be posted to the following mailing lists. If you wish to receive these updates, please subscribe using the links below:

Host or Sponsor an EnergyPlus Workshop

If your organization would like to host or sponsor an EnergyPlus Training workshop, the EnergyPlus Team can provide instructors and training materials on a fee basis. Please contact EnergyPlus-Training at gard.com for further details.

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