Building Energy Modeling

Development of Maximum Technically Achievable Energy Targets for Commercial Buildings

Evaluating the Ability of Unitary Equipment to Maintain Adequate Space Humidity Levels

Optimal Mix of Gas & Electric Packaged Cooling Units

Conversion of DOE-2 Building Models to EnergyPlus Format

Economic Analysis of Packaged Engine-Driven Rooftop Gas Air Conditioners

Simulation Analysis of Warehouse Energy Savings

Commercial Building Systems Analysis

Energy Analysis

Impact of Energy Star Home Program on Fuel Choice and the Environment

Evaluation of Home Energy Rating Systems

Thermal Chiller Scoping Study

Common Data Definitions for HVAC&R Industry Applications

Evaluation of Building Energy Performance Rating Protocols

Generation of Hourly Design Day Weather Data

Energy Code Development

Energy Savings Analysis of ASHRAE Standard 90.1

Evaluation EnergyPlus Software as Calculation Engine for Title 24 Compliance

EnergyPlus Design Guide Support

Software Development

EnergyPlus Testing, Development, Validation, Training and Support

Develop Life-Cycle Costing Feature for EnergyPlus

Development of Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller Model for EnergyPlus

Development of Desiccant Dehumidifier Model for EnergyPlus

Development and Integration of Thermal Energy Storage Model into EnergyPlus

BCHP Screening Tool Development

Software Testing

EnergyPlus Testing, Development, Validation, Training and Support

EnergyPlus Support and Training

EnergyPlus Training Workshops and Webinars

EnergyPlus Testing, Development, Validation, Training and Support