Commercial Building Systems Analysis

GARD Analytics was GTI’s lead contractor for energy and economic analysis of cooling, heating and refrigeration technologies applied to commercial buildings.  GARD has developed a unique set of powerful energy analysis tools and databases containing equipment performance maps, building models, hourly weather data, gas and electric utility rate schedules and equipment installed costs for use on this project.  Comparative energy and economic analyses are performed to determine target markets to aid the client in making decisions which will enhance the technical and commercial success of research programs.  Examples of investigations where energy simulation tools were used to perform parametric analyses include:

  • GAX Heat Pump Cost Comparison for Residential Applications
  • Competitive Position of Cooling Systems in Various U.S. Locations
  • Natural Gas Engine-Driven Chiller Operating Cost Comparisons in 45 Cities
  • Absorption Gas Air Conditioner Energy Cost Comparison – Light Commercial Applications
  • Market Opportunities for Applied Natural Gas Engine-Driven Hybrid Chiller Plants
  • Energy Analysis of Gas Powered Refrigeration Equipment Applied to a Supermarket
  • Energy Analysis of Natural Gas Engine-Generator Applied to a Supermarket
  • Impact of Electric Deregulation on Gas Cooling.