Evaluate EnergyPlus Software as Calculation Engine for Title 24 Compliance

GARD Analytics was part of a team which conducted work for the Pacific Gas & Electric Co.  The work tasks included:

  1. Defining precisely how specific simulation capabilities within the EnergyPlus software compare relative to the requirements of Title 24 ACM.
  2. Surveying and analyzing present and projected customer activities involving the current EnergyPlus and prepare a survey report.
  3. Investigating the status of existing and developing ancillary software such as, without limitation, application utilities and front-end software for EnergyPlus.
  4. Creating functional specifications for future Title 24 compliance software programs that are capable of being certified via the Title 24 ACM approval process using EnergyPlus as the simulation engine.
  5. Combining the findings and conclusions of the previous tasks into a final report that includes recommendations for strategies to gain CEC approval of an E+ driven compliance software tool as a Title 24 ACM compliance software tool in California.