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Public Beta Test for DoeRayMe 0.9

Please help us with the second public beta test of the DoeRayMe software.  DoeRayme is a flexible screening tool program and parametric analysis program for use with  DOE-2.1e.  Anyone with knowledge of DOE-2 can easily perform parametric analyses or create a custom screening tool.  It is a great program if you need to do a set of simulations of the same building with different efficiency measures.

To download the software please use the following link and then run the installer.  

            Download DoeRayMe Beta Version 0.9 (4 MB)

The installer does not include DOE-2.1e, but a free copy is available for U.S. residents (see below).  If you already have DOE-2.1e on your computer, DoeRayMe will find it and use it. 

This is the second beta test and will end on April 30.  Any bugs found during the beta test or errors or flaws in the documentation should be reported to:


The 0.9 beta version has a very different user interface compared to the 0.1 beta release and is based on a grid. 

What is DoeRayMe?

DoeRayMe is a simple and flexible user interface for the building energy simulation program called DOE-2.1e.  It is intended to be used as a user interface for many “screening tool” applications or for parametric studies.  Each column represents a different case being simulated.  The results are shown in the grid below the inputs and graphs are available too. See the screen shots.

DoeRayMe may be used by inexperienced as well as experienced DOE-2.1e users.  The program uses a specially developed DOE-2.1e input file, called a template, that includes special codes that describe the parameters available to change in the user interface.  This allows new “screening tools” to be developed by anyone with DOE-2.1e knowledge. 

The DoeRayMe program is being distributed for free and you are able  to redistribute it with templates that you develop for free.  See the license for further details.

Don't Have DOE-2.1e?

If you already have DOE-2.1e, DoeRayMe will find it on your computer, if not, and you are a U.S. resident and would like a free copy of the DOE-2.1e program for use with DoeRayMe, please contact me below and I will e-mail you a copy of DOE-2.1e.  This offer is only valid for U.S. residents with a confirmable physical address and company/organization specific e-mail address.  No Hotmail, Yahoo, or other generic e-mail addresses may be used to get the free version of DOE-2.1e.  

Here is the set of 239 U.S. TMY2 weather files for use with DOE-2.1e (16 MB).


Jason Glazer, P.E., Principal Engineer, GARD Analytics

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